Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy Bee

Before the tap exam
It has been yet another busy few weeks in our household (mind you, who isn't busy these days?)  The girls have been preparing for their tap and jazz exams which means extra lessons the last few weekends.  I think both girls did well although Moo had a couple of mental blocks in both jazz and tap and had to do her dances a couple of times before she got it down pat.  At least the examiner gives them a chance to get it right and I'm proud of the fact that she persisted and completed the exam.  A couple of years ago she was really struggling with exams and we thought it would be best if she gave exams a miss last year.  She chose to give them another try and, while she had a couple of blackouts her exam experience has been a lot more relaxed this year which I have put down to having a teacher that puts the fun and love back into dance.

Missy T is a totally different kettle of fish.  She tolerates ballet but adores jazz and tap and, particularly in tap, picks up the moves easily.  She is such a confident little thing and takes exams in her stride and the only sign of pressure was when she couldn't find her 3/4 tights and had a mini-meltdown.  Last year she was bordering on being arrogant and did very little practice and her results reflected it so this year she has put in a lot of time into her exam prep but at the same time it hasn't been a chore for her as she simply loves dancing.  I hope she gets the results she's after but, to be honest, I am happy if they both just pass.
Celebrating with an ice cream

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