Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All Booked

I have booked my flights and accomodation for the 12wbt finale in Sydney.  Quite a few people from Round 3 last year have returned for this round and as they can take a guest each there are a few of us who are tagging along as a + 1.  Last year, the Lean and Strong crew needed a way of recognising each other and one of the girls came up with the idea of having pirate tattoos, flags etc.  From then the L&S crew have been known as pirates.  When the idea was formed noone realised how much it would have taken off and the last couple of rounds have had people showing up to the workouts in fancy dress and going to the party with eye patches.  It will be exciting to join the rest of  'the originals' at the party.

I'm finding it a little daunting to go down to Sydney by myself to meet a bunch of people that I have only met online.  We have booked our accomodation together and I'll be rooming with one of the girls.  I'm also meeting up with one of the guys in Brisbane and flying to Sydney at the same time so I'll have someone to chat to in the plane and we can share transport as well.  It should be a great weekend.

I also had the opportunity to meet a couple of the Rocky pirates on the weekend.  It was fantastic to sit around and gas bag over lunch and a cuppa.  The 12wbt has brought me this fabulous network of people for which I'm so grateful.
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