Friday, November 30, 2012

White Girls Can't Jump

21 Over-Head Squats 42.5kg
42 Pull Ups
15 Over-Head Squats 42.5kg
30 Pull ups
9 Over-Head Squats 42.5kg
18 Pull Ups
This was yesterday's workout.  I have to admit being a little concerned about this one as there was a lot of overhead work and therefore pressure on my traps but I went in knowing that I would have to modify.  Sean, the head coach, prefers people to have the appropriate strength and mobility for OH squats so we were split up into those who have been trained and are able to do them and the rest of us did front squats.  My biggest concern here was doing the clean with a 15 kg bar but it felt pretty good.  It helped that we were only doing 3 in the whole workout.
The next issue was the pullups.  I attempted a couple of jumping pullups but seeing as there was a total of 90 of them in the entire workout I didn't want to push it so asked for a modification.  I learnt a valuable lesson, don't ask for modifications as you get something that hurts twice as much.  My modification was lateral burpees (I think I would have preferred to bust my stitches doing pullups!)  Yep, a burpee, jump laterally over the bar, another burpee and jump the other way.  Yeah, nah ... that wasn't going to happen!

So I jumped over a plate instead.  Like box jumps I just can't seem to get both feet to jump at once and instead did 'ice-skaters' over the plate instead.  I swear I must be the most uncoordinated person in the world!  I wonder if the coaches cringe when I walk in the room ... I hope they see it as a challenge.  LOL!
Today's WOD has more burpee jumps, this time it's jumping over the bar front on rather than lateral.  Damn it!
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