Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sucking Wind Take 3

Today was  my third attempt at Sucking Wind.  Here is what this one looks like:

Sucking Wind
For Time
30 Burpees
40 Wall Balls
400m Run
50 Double Unders
500m Row
*Exercises can be done in any order
must complete full number before
moving to the next exercise.

I may have said this before but this one is not my favourite WOD and I think a large part of that is that I'm getting steadily worse each time I do it, I think I was nearly a minute slower than the last time I did this one in February.  In my defense I'm under an injury cloud and I chose to do full burpees rather than knees but it still is a little disheartening to see the score go up.  The wall balls slowed me down a lot and when I mentioned that to the coaches they said that maybe they need to program wall balls in more often.  Bugga!  I should have kept my mouth shut!  LOL!  Mind you, I often say to my daughters that if they want to get better at something they need to practice, practice, practice.

I often find it interesting how everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  My usual training partner smashed today's workout as she rocks at all these exercises however I kicked her butt in yesterday's WOD as I'm a little bit better than her at cleans, push ups and squats.  I don't mind that bit of friendly competition as it makes me try a bit harder and if she smashes a workout I'm always so pleased for her (as I am for everyone who does the workout) and I know that it's reciprocated.  That's what I love so much; there may be friendly rivalry but there is never any nastiness ... at the end of the day, it's me against me.
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