Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Day Another Benchmark Workout

Today we revisted 'Lynne' which is:

Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press
3 min rest

There are some issues with the website at the moment but I managed to find some stats from the last time I did it.  I did a total of 89 reps at 25 kg for the bench press and a purple band, I'm not sure if that was 5 or 3 rounds but I have a feeling it was only 3 rounds after looking at some old data I had written down.  As I wasn't sure this morning what I had previously done, I chose a weight of 22.5 kg and again used the purple band and got a final score of 137 reps.

The nerd in me has calculated out that my average score per round in March when I did this last was 29.7 reps (if it were 3 round) and this time round it was 27.4 reps.  This doesn't look that great, particularly seeing as I dropped my weight by 2.5 kg but I also need to factor in the fatigue element of doing 5 rounds instead of 3.  I know I took that into account in the first few rounds today and didn't lift to failure.  I was fatigued and maybe could have lifted a couple more times but would that have meant my final sets would have been really low?  I guess I won't know but I'm fairly happy with my score today because each round was pretty consistent but they were by no means easy.
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