Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Next Generation

We went away with friends on the weekend.  Often when we go camping there are no kids Moo's age so she was excited that we were going with another 12 year old girl who is only 2 days older than her.  They got on fabulously and our friends had another daughter around the same age as Missy T so there was no third wheel.  The 12 yo was tall and lean and was able to wear clothes that are very fashionable and I wasn't surprised when I got hit with talk of going on a diet from Moo when we got home.  We have had this discussion on and off over the last few years and this conversation was no different; I don't want her to 'go on a diet' but have a balanced approach to food.

It made me think again how much I have changed my focus toward physical goals rather than being x kg or a certain body type and I wish that for both my daughters.  Crossfit has helped me so much with regard to body image and I thought it may help Moo so I had a chat with the coaches regarding both girls joining me in some CF classes.  Lo and behold this was already in the pipeline:
It's perfect as it will give them the basics as well as work on their technique.  The coaches will be awesome as they are positive and encouraging which would be fantastic for my girls as Moo, in particular, is much like me with regards to her lack of self confidence when it comes to physical activity.  I also think it would help both girls with their dancing and Moo with her netball.  Unfortunately, the times are at the same time as netball and dancing :-(

Instead I hope they will be able to do some sessions with Jardan and maybe take up the kids program once netball season is finished.  The girls are really keen and are looking forward to doing what I do.  I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.
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