Friday, May 31, 2013

Tick that box!

I have ticked off one of my goals.  It was most probably one of my easier ones as I have been pretty close to achieving it before but I was still pretty stoked to have managed to achieve my goal of doing 10 unbroken double unders.

I was unsure whether to go to CrossFit last night and was even talking myself out of it as I was doing the warm up.  While I am feeling a bit better I have progressed to the hacking cough stage of this bug and last night's workout had a heavy cardio element.  I think I paced myself fairly well last night and stopped for a drink when my throat needed it.  I got my goal mid WOD which is pretty unusual for me as my double unders often fall apart once the workout starts but I guess what better time to get a PB then in the middle of a workout.  LOL!

Of course, while it looks like I may have crossed off that goal in reality I have just moved the goal posts.  The next double under goal is to do 15 unbroken.

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