Saturday, June 01, 2013

Super Saturday

I'm actually working really hard in this pic
Have I mentioned it before how much I love Saturdays?  It is my most favourite day of the week.  Today the girls and I did a team WOD at CrossFit.  They have been doing one-on-ones with Jardan but J took a much deserved day off.  The workout was a good one with a lot of bodyweight moves so I didn't have a drama with them joining me.

The girls did really well and Missy T was delighted in the fact that she nailed the up and over box jumps.  Moo kept on going despite being knackered and also overcame her fear of the box by trying the 12" box after she did her round of up and overs.  I love sharing this time with them and I think they enjoy coming along.  We were last to finish today but I'm proud that we didn't scale numbers and did all the required reps.

Our box has started up Pilates after the final workout and I have been going along when I can.  After my back issues I think it is important for me to strengthen my core plus we get in a bit of stretching at the end.  It's great to do something that isn't so full on but is equally as tough and considering that I'm back to lifting what I was prior to my injury I think it is helping in that regard too.

I am, however, getting a little frustrated with the olympic lifting side of CF as I have hit a plateau and I know a large part of it is in my head.  Last night I failed my clean at 37.5 kg (I have been stuck at 35 kg for awhile now).  I went back to 35 kg and muscle cleaned the weight up (a muscle clean is when you don't jump as you clean it up and therefore don't get the power and weightlessness from the jump).  If I can do that at 35 kg then 37.5 kg should be a breeze if I do it properly.  I get incredibly cranky with my brain at times because I tend to overthink things too much.  I reckon if someone had stacked the weight for me and I had no idea that I was lifting 37.5 kg I would have been able to do it.  Nevermind, I'll keep on plodding away and I'll crack it eventually.  I know I was like that at 30 kg as well and then I had a period of smashing it PBs left, right and centre ... maybe my body just needs to get used to lifting this weight correctly before I move up to the next level.
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