Monday, June 03, 2013

Cindy, How I Love Thee

Today we did a modified version of Cindy.  It looked like:

For Time:
1 Clean & Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
2 Clean & Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
3 Clean & Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
… continue until you reach …
10 Clean & Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
I have to admit that I'm still not feeling 100% but that's mainly because I'm up most of the night coughing so I'm surprised how great I felt doing this one today.  My scaling was 20kg clean and jerk, orange band pull ups and bench push ups.
I feel like I'm coming along with my kipping pull ups.  I had some time to practice on Friday and managed to get 3 unbroken out.  I don't think I look pretty when I do it as I think I look like I really kick with my legs whereas other people tend to look so graceful but I guess I get the job done.  LOL!
I completed the above workout in 24:37 and it didn't really seem like it took that long to do ... the time seemed to fly by.  I was happy that I felt stronger in my pull ups this week and was happy that  I did them unbroken.  Push ups are always tough but I think everyone finds them hard and squats, well they are always great.  As Missy T said on Saturday, "Mum, I think your strength is your squat ... you did heaps."  I most probably could have gone a bit heavier on the clean and jerk but when faced with a total of 55 clean and jerks I tend to be cautious with my scaling and it was still quite tough so I wasn't too far off the mark with my weights.  We are also given a cut off time which we have to factor in when we scale and today's time was 30 min.  Considering I got my workout done in just under 25 minutes I most probably got my scaling just right.
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