Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby Steps

Last night was another squat snatch and overhead squat night.  I have had a bad week at work (mainly due to my own bad attitude ... I've had a bad case of cranky pants) and didn't feel up to struggling through a workout doing a movement that I suck at but I showed up purely because it's my routine to go to the box while the girls are at dancing.

I used the lightest bar possible (10 kg) and, even though it was a strength day, I put no pressure on myself to add any weight ... I just wanted to get the movement right.  Last week I couldn't do the squat snatch at all with the 10 kg bar, the whole movement of doing the snatch and then going into an overhead squat puts me off balance.  I can do a power snatch and I can do an overhead squat but couldn't link the two together.  Kara, our coach last night, suggested I do a heaving snatch balance which is where you start with the bar on your back as you do for a back squat and then move into an overhead squat from there.  I think this helped a little but what really helped me was ensuring my feet were that bit wider when I went into the squat.  This helped me get better balance so I didn't feel like I was tipping forward.  I was really pleased with the progress that I made as I went from not being able to perform the squat snatch at all to be able to do it at a lower weight.

We then had to do 100 overhead squats and each time we dropped the bar we had to do 10 burpees.  I didn't feel confident at all doing these with the 10 kg bar I opted for using the broomstick facing the wall.  It helped me get the technique down pat and I managed to get 100 done unbroken.

Overall it was a good day in the gym and I was pretty glad I went.
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