Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Today was the hero WOD, 'Brenton'.  I really wasn't looking forward to this one as I find bear crawls quite tough.

Part A
5 Rounds for Time:
Bear Crawl 100 Feet (30m)
Standing Broud Jump 100 Feet (30m)
*Perform 3 Burpees after every 5 broad-jumps. If you have a 10kg Weight vest or body armor, Wear It.
Part B
Perform – AMRAP
5 min Double Unders
4 min KB Swings 24kg/16kg
3min Box Jumps
2min V-Ups
1min HSPU
I decided to only do 4 rounds of Brenton as I thought I needed to conserve some energy and shoulder strength for Part B.  My time was 13:09 (I think).
Part B was equally as tough and I was a little disappointed with my total of 275 reps as I was hoping to get to 300.  As usual the double unders let me down but I was happy that I progressed to box pikes as my scaling for the hand stand push ups (not that I got many reps out as my shoulders were fried).  My scaling was:
Double unders - attempts
Kettlebell swings - 12 kg
Box jumps - 2 plates.  I was a little disappointed in myself for choosing this scaling ... I know I can do better, I wish I could turn my brain off and just jump.
V-ups - tucks.  I can't seem to touch my toes for full v-ups and need to bend my knees.
Hand Stand Push Ups - box pikes
Even though I was a disappointed with my scores, I was also pleased with how I went (is that possible?)  I think I know that I can do better but at the same time I'm trying to push myself that bit harder and doing harder options when I can.  And I'm glad to be back at the box after a couple of weeks of sporadic training.
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