Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Beep Test

Today our workout included a 'little something something'.  I hate something somethings!  It's my control freak nature that doesn't like not knowing what the workout is ... it's something I need to learn to get over because life throws things at you that you won't expect.  Normally something something is rowing therefore I was mentally preparing myself to get onto the rower but I was wrong, we had to do a beep test!

I have never done a beep test before although I have seen them on TV so I had the basic gist of what was going to go down.  Of course my brain went into overdrive (doesn't it always!) and I started worrying over the fact that I can't run that fast.  I need to learn that these things aren't a big deal.

I ended up with a score of 6.5.  I was the first to finish and most people got over 7.5 ... I felt like crap.  I have since checked my score on the net and realised that I'm actually in the 'good' category for my age so I shouldn't beat myself up too much.  It kind of explains a couple of things like the fact I get really gassed in my met cons and I guess it is like so many things for me in Crossfit, it's just another thing that I can work on improving.
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