Monday, July 08, 2013


This was today's WOD:

CrossFit Regionals 2013
Event 4
For Time:
100 Wall Balls 10kg/6kg
100 Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
100 Pistols (alternating)
100 D/B Snatches
Of course my mind went to the Open workout where we had to do 150 wall balls in 12 minutes and I got a grand total of 57 (granted it was with a 7 kg med ball), needless to say I wasn't confident with this WOD at all and decided to scale the hell out of it.  My scaling was as follows:
  • Wall balls - 4 kg, 9 foot mark
  • Pull ups - green band
  • Pistols - holding onto the pole for balance.
  • DB snatches - 10 kg
  • 50 reps of each exercise.
My theory was that a lot of the Regional competitors struggled to get the workout done in 25 minutes (many went over) so what hope did I have in even getting close to that.  I got my wall balls done fairly quickly (for me) and was pleased with the sets I strung together.  The pull ups were always going to be tough but I chipped away at those and moved onto the pistols and snatches.  I had to break a lot but still got it done in 14:09.  I seemed to be consistent with my sets and tried to break every 10 for the first 20 - 30 and then every 5.
In hindsight, I over-scaled.  I should have done 75 reps to allow me to finish at around the 20 - 25 minute mark ... I know that for next time.

Just to add.  Being the nerd that I am I calculated out that if I were to do the 75 reps I could have gotten the workout completed in 21:13.  This, of course, is assuming that I keep the same pace during those extra 100 reps.

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