Sunday, July 07, 2013

Some Days You Just Gotta Laugh

I was sitting out on the front verandah yesterday having a post workout cuppa with Mal when he noticed I had black spots on my nose.  When he went to wipe it off I told him it's because I forget to lift my head when I do push ups so I face plant the black rubber.  I then went into the various bumps and scrapes I have accumulated from my daily workouts.  I have a bruise on my knuckles from failing at my double unders, somehow when I step on the rope it flicks back onto my hand ... it takes real talent to do that.  I have bruises on my knees from walking lunges and I think my cleans and snatches.  I have had scrapes and bruises under my chin from not tucking my chin before I perform my jerk.  My hands ... well I won't go into my hands.  I have scars on my tailbone from my sit ups (luckily no-one gets to see that).  There is nothing worse than turning around in the shower after a sit up day to realise you have a bad case of 'butterfly butt'.  Yeowch!!!

I then started telling him about yesterday's workout where we had to do toes to bar.  I was able to do this exercise during the open workouts but haven't done them again since and when I attempted them yesterday I could only get one out.  I seem to have lost my ability to do them.  I was saying to Mal how I wish I had time to practice these movements so when they come up in the workout I am able to do them and how work gets in the way of the stuff I want to do. I said how I reckon I would be a much better crossfitter if I didn't have to work.  He looked at my black nose that I got from forgetting to lift my head when I do push ups, my bruised knuckles because I occasionally forget to jump during double unders, my bruised chin from forgetting to get my head out of the way when I lift and burst into laughter and I did too ... I don't think I should quit my job to be a full time athlete soon.  LOL!
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