Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Killed It!

I said this to my girls this morning and wasn't surprised when I got an eye roll and shake of the head in return.  Those girls have no sense of humour!

Today's workout was the type that I love.  Short, sharp and movements I like.
4 Rounds For Time:
7 Dead-Lifts 125kg / 95kg
30 Air Squats
My scaling was:
  • Deadlifts: 50 kg
  • Handstand Push Ups - box pike
The weight was challenging as were the box pikes.  It reminded me to continue on practicing my handstands at home because I want to be able to do handstand push ups in a WOD.
I did the workout in 7:10 and was wishing they had something like this in the weekend's throwdown.  I guess, though, Crossfit is about being good at everything and not specialising in any one type of workout.  The weekend proved that I have certain things that I need to work on.
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