Monday, August 26, 2013

Throwdown #2

Yesterday was the second CrossFit Gladstone/CrossFit CQ throwdown and this time it was held in Rocky.  I thought Mal was going to play golf that day so had planned to drag the kidlets up there with me but he decided to go watch footy with his mates on Saturday night instead.  I tossed up whether to leave the girls at home or still take them with me but they were keen to come up and watch.

The first WOD was:

12 min AMRAP

1 DB thruster (6 kg)
80 m sandbag run (we used an 8 kg DB)
2 box jumps (20")
2 DB thruster
80 m run
4 box jumps
3 DB thruster
80 m run
6 box jumps etc

I struggled with this one but it was mainly due to the run and was last in my heat.  The highlight for me was to see Moo at the fence cheering me on.  Another highlight was young Maddie giving me a tip on a better way to carry the weight ... that's what CrossFit is about, mates helping mates.  I finished the WOD thinking that I could have done better but wasn't upset as I know that I kept moving and never gave up.

The second WOD was:

6 min AMRAP

6 DB snatches (left side) (6 kg)
6 DB snatches (right side) (6 kg)
3 Plate burpees

I felt like I had a good rhythm in this one and, again, felt like I just chipped away at it.  As with all the WODs my counter and judge were in my ear the whole time reminding me to set my back and to get full extension.  I appreciate these tips as it feels like there are people in my corner, trying to get the best out of me.  I tend to block everything out and just listen to their voices.

Unfortunately, I didn't make the finals this time but wasn't concerned as I could have something to eat and a coffee.  The next WOD was a 1 km run and the top 5 from there went into the next workout.  I know that I would have been knocked out in the first round of the finals if I made it anyway.

Doing these little competitions has put a fire in my belly and I'm keen to push myself that little bit harder and work toward my goals.  It was so inspiring yesterday seeing all the athletes and while I love seeing the RXd athletes the most inspiring people for me was a bigger lady who struggled stepping up onto the 20" box in the first WOD and when I spoke to her later she said she also had troubles with the burpees but she was there giving it a go.  To me, she deserved an award because that is what CrossFit is about.  Another inspiration was a lady in the intermediate division who was struggling with her ring pull ups but she just kept on jumping up there and not giving up.  Amazing stuff!
The girls may have gotten a little bored so took to writing on my leg.  This is what Moo thought of my performance ... no matter what I'm always Number 1 to her.  How did I get so lucky to have a kid like that?
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