Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Today's workout:

For Time:
1000 m Row
3 Rounds
15 Push Ups
15 KB Swings (24kg/16kg)
15 Back Squat (62.5kg / 45kg)
Our warmup was a 650 m row and a squat hold while our partner did the row.
I am trying to use the technique that Sean suggested for the rowing and keep my stroke rate lower but try to get more power into my strokes.  I think it is something that I need to work on more as my 500 m split time was over 2:20 for the majority of my 1000 km.
I decided to do full push ups today and 16 kg for the kettlebell swings.  My scaling for the squat was 25 kg because we had to lift the bar from the ground into the back squat position.
I found my back and hips were complaining a bit through this workout which I put down to that 4 kg jump in the kettlebell swings.  I have to really focus on my core whilst doing swings otherwise I get some pain.  It is something that I'm aware of and using what I have learnt in Pilates I feel like those muscle in my back are getting stronger.
The workout took me a little over 14 minutes to complete (I think it was 14:28) and wasn't far off the other girls who had easier scaling.  In fact, considering I was last off the rower I was really happy with how I caught up in the weights part of the workout AND I progressed with the weight of my kettlebells and chose full pushups.  Happy days!
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