Monday, September 09, 2013

Can't Stop

My girls drive me insane.  They don't walk anywhere, they dance whether it be tap, jazz, contemporary or ballet ... they even throw in the National dancing as well.  They can't stand still and even when Moo plays netball if the ball isn't near her she is dancing away on the court.

I am finding I'm becoming like them.  I find myself doing the dip and drive part of the clean and snatch constantly.  I practice because when under load I don't extend my hips and therefore lose a fair whack of power in my lift.  At home, I practice my split jerk and squat cleans ... I've even done it when I'm in the lunchroom at work by myself as I'm waiting for my lunch to cook.  I'm obsessed!  LOL!

I've made some progress in other areas last week.  I grabbed the 16" box and jumped on it ... with 2 feet at the same time!!!  Okay, I was holding onto the pole but it's progress!  Yay!

I have also managed to do a headstand and after Thursday's tips from the coaches I have been getting higher in my handstands.  I think I need to video it to see how far away from the wall I am as I felt fairly close to vertical.  My problem was I then stopped ... it was like I got better and then called it quits for the day, maybe I should have kept going until I got it for real.  This is something that I do all the time ... I stop just short of success, being content with the progress I've made.  I am amazed at how effortless other people make handstands look but as my hubby said to me the other day it is most probably like riding a bike, once I learn how to do it it will be easy and effortless for me too.

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