Saturday, September 07, 2013

I Love Crossfit!

Moo and I post workout
Yesterday's workout was low key with most of the time dedicated to stretching and mobility.  As I train 6 days a week I'm grateful for these types of days where I can work on the areas of my body that are tight.  We finished the workout with a maximum vertical jump, maximum effort 1 km run and maximum handstand walk.  I established that I can't jump very high with a vertical jump of 34 cm, I can't run very fast with a 1 km run of 5:30 and I can't even get into a handstand let alone walk.  Did I feel discouraged and down about it? No, I didn't!  Because I want to see if next time I attempt these (and I hope we do it again in the future) I improve.  I always feel like people will laugh at me because I can't do this stuff but the coaches never do.  They give me tips and they encourage.  They want me to be able to do it and because of that I feel like I can do it.  This is why I love Crossfit!

Today Missy T didn't feel like going to the Saturday morning workout (she's like that when she's hooked on a new book) so it was just Moo and I.  It was a doozy:
The CrossFit Games Regionals Qualifiers
Event #4
we are doing In Partners
(although all comp Squad ride solo)
 For Time:
50 Back Squats (62.5/42.5)
40 Pull Ups
30 Shoulder to Over-Head (62.5/42.5)
50 Front Squats (40kg/30kg
40 Pull Ups
30 Shoulder to Over-Head (40kg/30kg)
50 Overhead Squats (30kg/20kg)
40 Pull Ups
30 Shoulder to Over-Head
(25min Cut Off)
My weights were: 25 kg back squat, 20 kg front squat and 15 kg OH squat.  Moo used dumbbells for her back squat, a kettlebell as her front squat/goblet squat and the broomstick for her OH squat.  I used the orange band for pull ups and she did jumping.

I'm so proud of her and how she went in this workout ... she did so well and gave it everything she had.  She discovered what the CrossFit community is all about as we were the last to finish and she got cheered on as she did her push jerks.  Everyone was calling out her name in encouragement and she pushed through to the end.  Yet another reason why I love CrossFit.
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