Monday, September 02, 2013

What a Weekend!

I was lucky enough to be able to spend the weekend down at Brissy with a few girlfriends to see Pink in concert.  OMG what a show!  She is absolutely amazing and so athletic ... to be able to perform while flipping upside down is just incredible and she seems so down to earth as well.

The stage musical Grease was on at QPAC as well and while a few of my friends were shopping my mate and I decided to wander over to see if there were any tickets available.  It was meant to be because as we were there chatting to the people in the ticket office 2 tickets became available that were in the middle and near the front.  Luck was on our side!  Both J and I loved every minute of it and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about our favourite parts.

The remainder of the weekend was spent doing a little bit of shopping but mostly eating.  I had organised a trip to a Teppanyaki restaurant.  We had a fantastic night (even if it got a bit messy).

Today it was back to reality.  I was grateful that it was a pretty cruisy day at CrossFit, just working on our power clean technique.  There were only 4 of us in today's class and it always intrigues me how people pick and choose their workouts.  Met cons are always really busy wherease strength and technique days are quiet.  I think people don't feel like they work hard enough in the latter even though Sean always pops in a finisher at the end of the workout, today was max pull ups and max double unders where both get your heartrate up.

I don't mind the fact that there was only a few of us because it felt like we were getting some one-on-one coaching.  Yet again I was given some great tips which will help me with my lifts in the future ... I sometimes find it hard to break a certain habit (like bending my arms too early in the high pull) but it is just a matter of breaking the lift down to focus on the parts that I need to work on.
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