Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I Want It All!

Every now and then I get really frustrated with CrossFit.  It's because I want to be able to do everything - NOW!  I don't want to go through the progressions in my pull ups and push ups, I want to do it without assistance.  I want to lift heavy shit.  I want to be GOOD!

I get a little cranky with the coaches when they talk me into scaling.  I feel like I'm making no progress.  I understand what they are saying ... doing high volume with assistance will get me stronger for CrossFit in the long run.  It's better if I do 20 pull ups with a band than to struggle doing 5 or 6 without but I'm impatient ... as Freddy sang, "I want it all and I want it now!"  I've been CrossFitting for a year and I'm still scaling a lot of things.  Okay, if I look back I started with jumping pull ups and I'm now on the orange band (which is the last band before unassisted) so, yes, I have progressed but, still ....

I sometimes think it is a good thing that I want to improve as it pushes me harder.  My pull ups and push ups in our modified Cindy were really strong today because I want to prove that I can do these things and as a result I got a fairly good score.  I guess that means the coach was right - again!  I just need to learn patience.
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