Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A Win!

As I said yesterday, when I first started Crossfitting with regularity (that is, more than 2 times a week) I went through a sweet period of getting PBs everytime I entered the box.  This kept me motivated to keep on showing up because I was loving the progress.  This has slowed down somewhat and each strength session doesn't have the excitement of earlier in the year (I still love them though).

There are so many movements to work on and in my head I feel like I have plateaued which may be the case but looking back on my workouts I noticed that while I'm not getting PBs in everything every week, I'm still getting PBs.  I think, too, that I'm comparing my records with those of my friends (both in the box and online) and my bests are nowhere near their bests.  I know not to compare myself but I find I do it often and then I look back to see my progress and realise how well I'm going.

Today we did power snatch to find our 1RM.  I couldn't remember what mine was and was a little disappointed when I finished at 27.5 kg until I got home and logged the workout and realised that this was a PR!  I also did a little research on the ratio between the snatch and clean and jerk and I'm right in the ball park with what I should be lifting for the snatch.

It just goes to show that in my head I'm in a plateau and maybe I am for some lifts but lifting isn't about nice linear lines.

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