Friday, October 25, 2013

Deadlifts and RXD!

Yesterday was a strength day working on our deadlifts.  My 1 rep max for deadlifts is 82.5 kg so my plan was to be somewhere around that range and I teamed up with some girls who were aiming for that weight as well.  I completed the all the sets with a finishing weight of 80 kg which I was stoked with.

Our finisher workout was:

For Time:
21 KB Swings 24kg/16kg
42 Lunges (with KB in front Rack)
15 KB swings 24kg/16khg
30 Lunges (with KB in front Rack)
9 KB Swings 24kg/16kg
18 Lunges (with KB in front Rack)
*must use same weight for KB Swings and Lunges
I again felt the need to push myself last night.  I have found that the 12 kg kettlebell was starting to get a little easy so decided to try the 16 kg.  OMG!!!  Who would have thought that 4 kg could make so much difference, particularly in a short sub 10 minute WOD.
It was really, really hard and I had a few people talking me through it.  I looked around at one point and noticed everyone else had finished and I hadn't even completed the 2nd round.  I had 2 coaches, Benni and Jardan, counting me down and keeping me going with tips like snap from the hips during the swings ... unfortunately I had lost all ability to snap and just cried that I couldn't do it and the weight was too heavy.  But I got it done.  It was ugly and I had to drop the weight regularly but I RX'd the workout and even though my legs were shaking and I wanted to curl up in a little ball I also felt awesome that I gave it a crack.
I got home and, as usual, Hubby asked how I went.  I started prattling on about how my 1RM is 82.5 kg for deadlift and I did 3 reps 80 kg so therefore that should theoretically increase my 1RM to about 85 kg which, to me, is like a PR.  And I also told him about RX'ding the workout.  He just looked at me and blinked and then asked me to say it all again but in English.  I forget that sometimes it's like another language.  LOL!
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