Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Do you ever have one of those workouts where the planets align and every movement just feels right?  This morning was like that.  Our WOD was "Girls Gone Wild" which is a mash up of some of the benchmark girls; Grace, Annie and, of course, Fran.

Girls Gone Wild
10 Clean and Jerks 62.5kg/45kg
50 Double Unders
50 Sit Ups
21 Thrusters 62.5kg/45kg
21 Pull Ups
10 Clean and Jerks 62.5kg/45kg
I chose a weight of 20 kg as I wasn't sure how I would go with the thrusters and considering my time was 10:01 I think I scaled okay.  I did waste a bit of time getting my grips on and off for my pullups.
For once, my double unders felt really good and I was 1 off my PB.  I broke my thrusters down into 1 set of 6 and then the rest as sets of 5 and my pullups were broken into 2 sets.  My scaling for the pullups was an orange band and I felt so strong doing them .... I am tantalisingly close to doing them unassisted for a WOD.
Yep, it was a great day at the gym :-)
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