Monday, November 25, 2013

A Slow Walker

This would be my favourite quote because it describes me so well.  I don't do anything amazing but I slowly chip away and try to be a little better each day.  My improvements may not be visible, it may be a slightly better technique or an extra rep, it may be the way I approach a workout or that I beat down that little doubting voice in my head.  I'm proud of what I achieve even though I often think I want more.

I was stoked on Saturday when I got a PB on my power snatch.  I had been sitting at a certain weight for a little while and was finding hard to get my technique right.  I think I have said before that I tend to rely on purely strength and not momentum to get the weight overhead.  We had done a little bit of snatch work leading up to Saturday's workout and I was feeling like I was getting it sorted in my head.

We started off Saturday's WOD with a partner workout with Missy T being my partner.  We had a lot of fun in the warm up and had a good vibe going into the workout.  We had to practice our lifting with the broomstick and I noticed how much she has improved and she was quite chuffed when Benni came over and gave her a compliment.  We chose our weight for our power cleans, she used light dumbbells and I did a 20 kg bar.  We also had over the bar wall balls which is where you throw the ball over a pull up bar.  T just used a volley ball and I chose a 6 kg med ball.  We were set for the workout which was a pretty tough 20 min AMRAP of 10 power cleans, 15 over the bar wall balls and 20 lateral burpees.  I was so pleased with my burpees as I continue to build confidence with my jumping ... I can jump okay but as soon as there is an obstacle in the way I'm screwed.

We then had a 5 min 2nd WOD where we had to find out 1RM power snatch.  I think it's because I was tired and didn't have time to think about it and was surprised when I ripped the weight up to get my PB and with good form.  YAY!  Obviously Missy T didn't do this part although she did do a couple dumbbell snatches and attempted 5 kg.  She was happy to sit and watch me and she was just as happy as I was when I got my PB.  She was on such a high after our workout and was going around singing "I Feel Good" when we got home.  Love it!
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