Friday, November 08, 2013


I have been trying to include some deload days in my strength workouts.  Typically, I'm tired by the end of the week and instead of taking these days off entirely I have been going to the gym and still working out but lifting lighter.  It does feel good physically as I am really focusing on my technique rather than trying to lift at my max.  I do, however, find it difficult to train with others when I'm doing this.  Last night I tried to partner up with a newbie so I didn't feel so lame lifting piddly little weights but unfortunately there weren't enough racks to go around.  We were split up and I was put with a couple of more experienced girls.  Of course I felt bad that we had to change weights to accomodate my much lower weight.  They didn't mind as we had plenty of time to get the workout done.  I finished the night feeling a little low as I felt like I didn't work nearly hard enough but I need to remind myself that I'm doing it for a reason.

In between the front squats we had to do ring dips.  Like my pull ups, I'm at that point where the orange band is too much resistance but unassisted is a little too hard. I did manage to get a few reps out without the band. I need to figure out how to make that transition which will allow me to get stronger in these movements.
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