Sunday, December 22, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

This was our Saturday WOD:

The 12 Days of Christmas
CFG n CFCQ Team Style!”"
Riding solo or Teams of 2 or 3
For Time:
120 Double Unders (Each)
110 Walking Lung Steps
100 AB Mat sit ups
90 Dead-Lifts 42.5kg/30kg
80 Box Jumps 24″”/20″”
70 KB Swings 24kg/16kg
600m Run (together)
50 Clusters 42.5kg/30kg
40 Pistols / Goblet Squat (with KB)
30 Pull Ups
20 Overhead Squats / Front Squat 42.5kg/30kg
10 Muscle Ups / Ring Dips
* If in Team of 2 or 3, Reps for total team (unless speficied) only 1 person moving at a time (unless speficied). Clock stops when both team members cross the line.”

The girls got home from visiting their grandparents on Friday night and I asked them both if they wished to join me.  Moo was keen but Missy T didn't feel up to it.  We had to go to the 6 am session as we had to drop my stepdad off to the train station on Saturday morning so I wasn't concerned that the little one didn't want to come and workout with me but I was pleased as punch that Moo wanted to tag along for this tough WOD.

I felt like I wanted to push myself to finish off a fantastic week in the gym but I also tried to be smart with my scaling.  As I find OHS hard at the best of times I chose to only go with a 15 kg bar for any barbell work as we could only have 1 weight for all 3 movements.  The deadlifts were super easy but as expected I found it hard to get depth in my overhead squats which meant it was the perfect decision.  Moo and I divvied up the work as evenly as we could but it was evident early on that I would be doing the majority of the work as she simply doesn't have the fitness for a big chipper workout like this one, more often than not I was doing 20 reps to her 10.  In saying that, she gave the workout everything she had and for that I am incredibly proud.

As I was doing lighter deadlifts, scaled the number of double unders and used a 12" box instead of a 16" I chose to push myself in other areas and decided to use a 16 kg kettlebell for the swings and goblet squats and do unassisted pull ups and ring dips. In hindsight, I should have attempted to do all double unders as I managed to string them together quite well yesterday.

We got the workout done in 35:50 which wasn't too bad as my girls tend to fluff around a little in transitions which can sometimes be a little frustrating.  They are often not ready when I have finished my set and dilly dally around a little but I try to take a breath and not be too concerned about the time clock when we are training together as I do really love spending this time with both of them.

I shouted Moo a Canego that the gym sell and she left the workout on a high, saying how great she felt from doing the WOD.  There were times when she complained and scaled mid workout (something the coaches don't like us doing but I don't have an issue with it if it means she gets the WOD done in a reasonable timeframe) but she kept going and found that inner-warrior.  So proud of my girl.
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