Friday, December 20, 2013

Crossfit Total

Today we revisited Crossfit Total.  This is where you find your 1RM for squat, strict press and deadlift, total the 3 scores and see where you sit in the rankings for your weight.  The catch is you warm up to hit your 1 RM and only get 3 attempts, it you fail you don't get anymore goes at it.  I try to hit my known 1 RM at the first or second attempt so it gives me wriggle room to try to PB with my next 2 tries.  It seemed to work well for me today as I PBd in all 3 movements.

I was not going to go this morning.  I woke up at 3 am for some reason and couldn't get back to sleep.  I was starting to overthink all my lifts and was a little concerned about my back squat, the last time I did my 1 RM back squat I really struggled and was out of sorts (I think because I didn't trust my spotters) but dragged my butt to the gym anyway.  Due to fatigue I was really shaky today and I hate being like that when I have to be watched/spotted which makes it worse but I persisted with my lifts.  I went through the warm up reps until I hit my previous record.  I got a couple of people to spot me (we have 1 on each side) and the coach said my squat depth was bordering on not being deep enough.  I chucked on another 2.5 kg and failed to get depth.  With the bar still on my back I immediately attempted another rep and was given the okay.  Yay!  A squat PB of 57.5 kg!!

The next lift was the strict press.  Again I had a fair idea of what I was going to lift and went through the warm up.  I lifted 32.5 kg ... another PB!  I had time to attempt 35 kg but failed but was still ecstatic that I got to ring the PB bell a second time.

Last, but not least, was deadlift.  I really, really wanted to try for 100 kg but as we went through our warm up it seemed to get very heavy very quickly.  I also reminded myself that I only PBd the day previous and to not get disappointed if I don't repeat that.  I lifted 90 kg on my first 1 RM and then increased the weight to 92.5 kg.  I failed at my first go at this weight but decided to give it another chop and managed to lift it.  Yet another PB!

Not bad for not wanting to train today.

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