Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Today was another benchmark workout with a twist.  Lynne consists of 5 rounds of max bench press and max pull ups to get a total number of reps on completion.  Today we did Strict Lynne which is 5 rounds of strict press and strict pull ups.  The idea is to get the biggest number you can and to scale the weight accordingly.  Today I decided to go with 20 kg and an orange band for pull ups. 

I was pleased that I stuck around the 12 - 15 reps for my shoulder press and between 8 - 10 reps for my pull ups finishing with a total of 107 reps.  It was so tough not being able to bend my knees in the press or start to kip with the pull ups.

We then had a 10 minute finisher which was a team of 3 AMRAP of medicine ball cleans, double unders and a 400 m run holding a plate weight behind our head.  It was a fun little workout that got the heartrate up nicely.

This week is my horror week with Moo going to her high school orientation day, Missy T doing her transition day, the girls' school award ceremony and dance concert with rehearsals nearly every night.  I have lots to do and I wish I could have a day off to get some things organised but I can't see it happening.  The good thing is that I should only miss 1 gym session which makes me happy as I find my training is my stress release.
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