Monday, December 02, 2013


Missy T and I had a tough WOD on Saturday.  As the coaches were in Rocky for a fundraiser comp, one of the other coaches prescribed the workout for the day.  I told T that Matt had written the WOD and she looked at me in confusion as she wasn't sure who he was.  When I described him as the blonde guy with long hair and a beard she said, "Mum why didn't you just say Thor wrote it, I would have known who you were talking about then!"

I laughed as he does look a bit like Thor.  The workout looked really scary:

In teams.
For Time.
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24″/20″
20 Clusters 60/40
30 Bar dips
40 Burpees
50 DB Shoulder 2 Overhead
60 Wall Balls 10/6
70 Knees 2 Elbows
80 Box Jumps 24″/20″
90 Double Unders
100m Sled Pull 80/60
Working in teams, one person working at a time. Must complete all reps before moving on to next movement.

Clusters are a thruster that has to be taken from the ground each rep (so a squat clean into a push press).  The burpee box jumps were weighted and was more like a dumbbell step up and over.  Missy T was going along fine although she was getting tired and unfortunately that resulted in her missing the box in her last few reps of the box jumps.  Luckily she wears long sock so there was no blood but she is now sporting a nasty lump and bruise on her shin.  She had a couple of tears and I gave her a quick hug before finishing off the box jumps.  We then completed the rest of the workout and I'm proud of her for continuing on even though she wanted to quit.  She learnt a tough lesson with Crossfit, she is capable of jumping onto the 20" boxes and in WODs she chooses the 16" but maybe she needs to do the 12" as she builds up her work capacity.  She was incredibly frustrated and I know what that's like as I'm on the cusp with a lot of movements but can't do it during a WOD.  She also decided that she doesn't like Thor much anymore.

Today was another great workout with an adaption of Cindy, called Cindy Got A 6 Pack.  It has the same rep scheme as Cindy but replaces the pull ups with toes to bar and squats with sit ups.  I decided to push myself and attempted knees to triceps and they were quite possibly the ugliest knees to triceps anyone has done.  I completed the 20 minutes with 11 rounds + 5 K2T + 2 push ups.  I was quite happy with that.
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