Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New PBs

Today was a strength day with front squats and bench press with a partner AMRAP WOD as a finisher.  I was put with 2 girls that lift a bit heavier than me but that was okay as I needed that push today.  My  previous 1 RM was 50 kg and I was happy to hit that again.  As we went through the reps I realised that I could possibly beat my previous max.  I attempted 52.5 kg in my second last round but failed as my head just got in the way ... I had failed the lift even before I picked up the bar.  I decided to give it another crack for my last round of 1 rep and I got it!  Yay!  A PB for today!

We then went onto bench press.  A few weeks ago I pushed out 6 reps at 37.5 kg but couldn't record it as we were doing 7 reps.  Today I smashed out the 37.5 kg and also did 4 reps at 40 kg.  Another PB for the day!

The finisher was a partner WOD and I partnered up with a lovely girl, Gabby. The WOD was:

Partner AMRAP – 12min
9 Dead-Lifts
6 Front Squats
3 Push Press
I was planning on doing 25 kg for this and Gabby was thinking 27.5 kg.  She was willing to go down to 25 kg but I thought it was a good opportunity to push myself and we went with 27.5 kg.  I found it quite tough but also doable and I finished with a score of 7 rounds + 9 DL and 4 FS.  It's great to be paired up with someone who is a bit stronger as it pushes me that little bit harder.
I also got a nice compliment from one of the coaches, he commented on how I was killing it lately and have really stepped up a notch.  It's always nice to get such positive feedback :-)
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