Thursday, December 19, 2013

Skills Testing

Today we did the above skills testing.  I wasn't sure how I felt about this as a workout because I already know where I sit with regard to my skills and it was just highlighting the fact that despite Crossfitting for over a year I was still a 'beginner'.  On the flipside, it was a great way to see where I'm at and give me an idea of what I have to achieve to get to the next level.

There seemed to be a massive gap between levels and there were several times where beginner was too easy but intermediate was too hard but I guess that isn't a bad thing as I now know that I'm somewhere in between with lots of skills and I'm on my way to the intermediate level.  An example of this was the pull skill of 3 pull ups for beginners and then 20 pull ups + 1 pull up with 1/3  bodyweight + 1 muscle up for intermediate ... that is a big jump!

The crappy bits of today:
  • My run time was slower than a beginner by 4 seconds ... and I felt like I had an okay speed.  I am SO bloody slow!
  • My rowing time (do you see a pattern!) was just better than a beginner ... again, I am so slow!
  • My vertical jump hasn't improved at all in the last few months.  In saying that, it is better than a beginner.
  • I failed at 3/4 bodyweight power clean which is 40 kg.  But I muscle cleaned my 37.5 kg ... I need to get under the weight!
  • I can't handstand and therefore couldn't do a handstand hold.
The good bits for today:
  • I did a 90 kg deadlift which is 1.6x my bodyweight and improved my previous record by 7.5 kg
  • After months of struggling to get 37.5 kg power cleaned I just muscle cleaned it up ... no problems at all.
  • I did 25 wallballs using a 6 kg ball.
  • I did unassisted ring dips
  • My run felt good until I saw the time ... maybe I need to ignore the number dictated to me on a sheet of paper and enjoy the fact that gave it a good go and speed up for the last 100 and hopefully I improve next time.
  • If I can vertical jump over 13" I should be able to box jump at least the 12" box.

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