Friday, January 10, 2014

Mobility Class

CFG has just brought in a few new and extra classes to the box.  They have added another pilates class and some mobility sessions as well.  Mobility is something I need to work on but often don't find the time for during my jam packed week so I was pleased when I saw these classes added to the schedule.  It is unfortunate, however, that when the school term starts back up I won't be able to attend any of these extra classes as they clash with the girls extracurricular activities.  In the meantime I will be taking advantage of these sessions even if it's to give me some things I can work on at home.

Last night we mobilised downstream so hips, glutes, ankles and lower back.  First up was a 2 minute squat test.  I dragged Moo along to the class and was surprised at her lack of ability to hold the bottom of a squat for any length of time, in fact, she couldn't hold a squat at all and had to hold onto a pole the entire time .. anyway, I digress.  We then stretched our hips and hip flexors on one side and then tested our squat again.  The improvement on that 1 side was immediate.  We repeated it on the other side.  A total of 6 minutes of stretching and, bam, we were hitting depth so much easier.

Next was flossing of the ankles.

I have a love/hate with floss bands because they hurt like all hell but it feels amazing when they come off and I notice a significant difference in the ankle that I rolled a few years back.

We then moved onto some trigger point massage with the lacrosse ball.  Again, so much pain but it feels so good.  Lastly it was pigeon pose and happy baby poses ... I love both of these.

Overall it was a great class and I'm looking forward to doing it again next week.  I think they are looking at doing upstream mobility so traps, lats etc.  Should be good :-)
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