Wednesday, January 08, 2014

To Open or Not To Open

That is my main question at the moment.  Registration will be opening for the Crossfit Open in the next few weeks and I'm unsure of whether to give it another shot or not.  I don't feel like I have improved enough over the last year and will quite likely get stuck on the same movements as I did then.  I'm also worried about things like bar facing burpees or lateral burpees because I continue to have issues with jumping with 2 feet at once and will skip over the bar.  I don't trust myself to clear the bar.

I have decided to spend a little time at home on some of my weaknesses which includes box jumps, handstands and jumping over a bar both forward and laterally.  I'm not spending a massive amount of time just a few minutes for each exercise and hope to continue to build confidence in myself.

Today's WOD was a nice little 21, 15, 9 triplet of power cleans, squats and toes to bar (I did knee to chest).  I had a plan of doing a weight of 25 kg but decided to drop it right back to 15 kg as my back has been a little tight and this type of workout can wind up the back.  We then finished with some handstand work which gave me some good pointers to try out at home, particularly working on that hollow rock position.

Now for something that I don't usually want to talk about because I try not to get caught up with body image and weight but the fact is after the Christmas period my clothes have become uncomfortably tight.  I weighed myself at the gym on Friday as we had to do a bodyweight deadlift as part of the WOD and was shocked at the number on the scale.  This is where I'm torn as I have been getting PBs in the gym and when I look in the mirror I see a quad sweep but my clothes are getting quite uncomfortable.  Zoe, one of the coaches at the gym, is doing up nutritional programs and I have decided to have a chat to her particularly with regard to eating for strength.  I figure it can't hurt and she does a body fat %, measurements etc so I can see where I'm sitting. 
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