Friday, March 07, 2014


I wish I looked like this when I did split jerk
Yesterday's WOD was fairly low key as we prepare for the announcement of 14.2.  The workout consisted of some technique work for the split jerk and then went onto finding our 1RM and then onto a 10 minute partner finisher of one person doing up and over box jumps and the other holding a plank.

My head wasn't in the game yesterday, I have had a big week at work and was mentally fatigued.  I find Olympic lifting quite draining as there is so much to think about and with that in mind I planned to keep the weight low and work on my form.  I find the split jerk difficult, particularly as the weight gets heavy but I tried to take on board everything the coaches were telling me.

As we headed into finding our 1RM I started to feel more at home with the movement, it was like the technique part had finally sunk in and I started to increase my weight.  I hit my previous PR and it actually felt really good and then increased it to 37.5 kg.  I was surprised that it felt pretty good too and even though I had already done the required number of sets I decided to do one more at 40 kg  AND lifted it!  It was quite possibly the ugliest split jerk but I got it up ... 5 kg more than my previous best!

One of the Open WODs last year had a 45 kg clean and jerk so I'm hoping I can improve my lifts by the time this comes up.  Fingers crossed!
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