Thursday, April 03, 2014

Feeling Lucky

I know I've most probably said this a few times but there are times I truly feel blessed to have "met" some people over the course of my life.  Some of these people I have not met face to face but through blogging or the 12wbt.

I'm part of a FB group that have 12wbt alumni and a few of them also do Crossfit.  It's great as I can bang on about CF and not feel like I have to censor myself or worry about boring all my friends with my continual posts about WODs.  One of the girls is a weightlifter as well as a CF coach.

I decided to post a video of my overhead squat for their thoughts on my form and how to help me get to the correct depth.  J has suggested I work on shoulder stability as well as mid-body strength and has given me some exercises and mobility work to help in these areas.  Here's hoping they help.
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