Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We did this one last year and I remember it having the potential of being one of my faves.  Here it is:

For time:
21, 15, 9, Reps of:
Squat Clean 60kg/40kg
Ring Dips
But, first, we had to do a 2 km time trial on the rower.  YUK!  The problem with doing the rowing first is that I cruised along at a pace that I could maintain and really didn't finish with that great a time (over 10 minutes) because I didn't want to shatter myself for the benchmark WOD.  I doubt I'll lose sleep over my crappy time.
Next up was Elizabeth:
Date Time Squat Clean Weight (kg) Ring Dip Option
16/09/2013 6:49 15 Purple band
13/05/2014 7:40 25 Orange band
Looking back at my notes for this WOD, I was sick the last time I did it and kept the weight low for that reason but in saying that I'm stoked with today's results.  I had initially planned on doing unassisted ring dips but decided against it as we had a 10 minute cut off but I do have a little wiggle room for rest when I do it again in the future.

Yeah, Elizabeth is up there with my faves.

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