Monday, June 02, 2014


The last few weeks I have been wondering about my blog and whether to keep on going with it ... everything seems so much effort at the moment.  I track my workouts on MyWOD therefore there isn't much need to use my blog as a way to follow my progress (although I very rarely comment on my app with how I felt during the WOD unlike in here).  I was starting to wonder what the point of it was.

Ironically, this has occurred the same time as I have hit a slump in my training.  I have felt like I'm taking step backwards in my times, weights and how I'm moving.  I wonder if there is a link; is my progress helped by talking about my CrossFit experiences?  Does it help me work toward my goals when I can write down daily what worked and didn't work in my WODs?

When I first started CrossFit I was like all new CrossFitters and talked incessantly about it.  I would post status updates, blog and basically bore people to death with my chatting about WODs, rxd, lifting etc.  I was unfriended by some people on FB and those close to me would give me a hard time.  Even an ex-12wbt FB group in which I belong asked the people who did CF to go and create their own sub-group as they got sick of us talking about our latest WOD.  I often feel as though I have noone to talk to about my love of CF (I often see Hubby's eyes glaze over when I start banging on about it).

I need somewhere to vent when I have a bad day at the box or somewhere to celebrate when I've achieved a goal.  Blogging helps me work through the both the bad and good times with my training.  It helps me figure out if I have scaled correctly for the day, where I could improve or what I did well.  It fulfills my need to put my thoughts out into the world about my workouts.  It also allows me to focus on my goals when I'm feeling flat (or as I'm have been stupidly doing the last week, comparing myself to others at the box).

With that in mind, I feel I need to keep tracking my training in here.  I believe that posting the good, the bad and the ugly assists my CF experience so it looks like you are stuck with me for a bit longer!
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