Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A Good Couple of Days

The last couple of days at the gym have been lots of fun.  Yesterday was a good team workout which was incredibly tough but in a good way.  Our warm up was loads of fun.  We split up into even teams (4 a side) and played soccer for 2 minutes, then played soccer in bear crawl for a further 2 minutes, using our hands to hit the ball and then played soccer in crab walk and using our feet to kick the ball.  I honestly haven't laughed so much in ages.

Today's workout was a strength day with heavy squats and in between the sets we did sled drags.  My squat weight ended up at 50 kg (could possibly have gone higher) and I started my sled drag at 60 kg but was too lazy to take the 20 kg plate for the subsequent sets so pulled 80 kg for the rest of the sets.

We then had a finisher of: 4 rounds of: 30 broad jumps, 50 walking lunges and 400 m run.  My legs were like jelly but I was ecstatic that I plugged away without taking breaks (apart from a quick sip of water) and got the 4 rounds done in 20:55.  I seem to have found my groove again after losing it a few weeks ago.
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