Monday, September 08, 2014


It's funny how I often have a hissy fit over my lack of progress and then I seem to find my groove again. 

Friday night we did weighted strict pull ups and weighted strict ring dips and finished off with an EMOM of hollow rocks, candlesticks, v-ups and kettlebell swings.  I built up my weight to 5 kg for pull ups and did my 5 reps and thought I would 7.5 kg a crack and got 1 rep out!  Of course I couldn't record the weight on the whiteboard because it was 1 rep not the prescribed 3.

I have never done weighted ring dips before but wanted to give it a go and finished with 3 reps at 3.75 kg!  I'm soooooo happy!

Today was a strength WOD of 5 x 2 push press and I think I may have gotten a PB at 35 kg.  I felt like I still has some more in the tank but ran out of time.  I must remember to start a little heavier as I tend to stick with the same start weight with the same progressions and forget that I am most probably getting stronger.

We finished again with a 20 min EMOM of strict pull ups, ring dips, hollow rocks and handstand push ups with the focus on quality not quantity.  It was a challenging but rewarding workout and I was glad that Jardan came over and pushed me with my handstand push up option.  I do a box pike for my HSPU and use an ab mat as a depth finder.  Today I didn't use the ab mat which gave me better depth but Jardan pushed me even further and told me to get even closer to the box.  It was so tough but I know that it will make me stronger for when I get to do them RXD.

Maybe I need to have these tantrums every now and then to make me knuckle down and push myself.  I don't know, it feels pretty crappy at the time but then it is so sweet once I'm through it and found my mojo again.
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