Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Today we did the hero WOD Bulger:

10 rounds for time:
150m run
7 Chest to Bar Pull up
7 Front squats (60kg/42.5kg)
7 Handstand Push Ups
This was a really, really tough workout and by the third round in I wasn't sure if I was going to finish it.  I had a massive mental battle going on throughout the entire workout and I just wanted to curl up and cry at one point.
I chose to push myself a little harder with the front squat this morning.  My squats are lagging a little and I would like to get stronger, with that in mind I chose to do 35 kg.  During the set up there were no 15 kg bars left so I had to use a 20 kg.  I find the 20 kg bar is a little harder to manage as it is a thicker bar but all the girls would be in the same boat as me so I didn't ask to swap with anyone.
I normally do an orange band in workouts but I was finding it hard to get my chest to the bar and went to a purple band and my handstand push ups were the usual box pike.
As I said, I found this WOD incredibly hard and Jardan no-repped a few of my pull ups before grabbing the red band to add to the purple band.  I'm so grateful for her doing that as I just wasn't getting the height in my pull up.  Chest to bar uses slightly different muscles than normal pull ups so I'm glad I was scaled back which helped me to get the height and will therefore help my strength.
The front squats were tough and I felt awkward cleaning the weight up.  As much as I regretted the decision to push myself during the workout, I am proud of the fact that I moved myself out of my comfort zone.  Again, Jardan was all over my depth and didn't hesitate to let me know when I wasn't getting deep enough.  My body likes to find an easier way out and I'm happy for her to call me out on it as it makes me stronger in the long run.
The box pike was the easiest part for me but I know I need to work on getting more vertical so my weight is more over my shoulders than my legs.
I was the last to finish today and it was hard to see others overlap me and finish 2 or 3 rounds ahead of me but I know I tried to force myself to work harder today and I'm pleased that I finished under the time cap of 35 minutes with a time of 31:25.  It is such a mental challenge when people are way ahead of you but it is also an amazing feeling when the crew get behind you and help you through those last few reps.
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