Saturday, November 15, 2014

Skills Workshop

Today we had a skills workshop.  The focus was on gymnastics movements like handstands, toes to bar, pull ups and muscle ups.  I had a busy day of running around which meant I had to have everything packed ready to go and unfortunately I was a little late for the workshop ... it also meant that I forgot my shoes so went barefoot.

Our first drill was handstands.  My first panic attack.  After working on hand and body positions we then got into a team of 3 and kick up into a handstand.  My partners grabbed my legs and held me in position.  I did it!

We then were placed into 3 groups to play around with handstand push ups.  I was put into a team that worked on kicking up against the wall.  This part was a little rushed and I didn't get a chance to actually kick up.

The next handstand drill was to practice handstand walks which included shifting from hand to hand whilst in the pike position on a box, wheelbarrow walks and "handstand walking" in the pike around the box.

From there we moved into toes to bar and it was good to really work on my positioning in the hollow rock and superman position.  I didn't get to do any toes to bar but I feel like I need to strengthen my kip and it felt good today.

Pull ups were next.  We had a choice of working toward our kip or butterfly.  A few of the girls went to learn the butterfly but I felt like I need to work on perfecting my kip.  Again my kip felt pretty good but I find it hard to string my pull ups together.  I decided to work on strong body positions rather than trying to string together multiple reps but with sloppy form.

We then moved onto muscle ups.  The focus was our false grip.  Strangely enough I was kind of okay at this but I need to work on pulling myself up higher in the pull up.  It was fun despite my wrists being rubbed raw.

We finished with an 8 minute AMRAP of 2 wall walks, 4 burpee pull ups, 8 candlestick to broad jump and 10 m bear crawls.  Cue my second panic attack.  I can't jump up to the bar for the burpee pull ups ... I wish I could.  I don't know why this freaks me out but it does ... I did burpee bar touch instead.

Overall it was a great workshop and it has helped me get some mojo back by giving me some goals to work toward.  It's time to work toward getting those handstands once and for all.  I came home and practiced my kick up some more plus did some headstands to get used to being upside down.  Hubby has been enlisted to help me out.  Here's hoping I can get it sorted by the end of the year.
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