Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Today we had this doozy of a WOD:

15 DeadLifts
25 Box Jumps 30″
50 Pull Ups
100 Wall Ball Shots
200 Double Unders
400m Run with 20kg plate
My first thought was, "WOAH!"
My back has been playing up so I have been modifying things and when I attempted a light deadlift I knew that there was no way I was going to do them.  Coach Dave suggested that I do ring rows as a modification so that I get the stimulus of a pushing exercise followed by a pulling one.
I smashed the first part of the workout but mis-scaled my pull ups but I think the issue there was that I found it hard to kip with my back and hip being a little tender so I grabbed another band to help me through the last half of the 50 reps.  As expected the wall balls were really tough but I was happy that I just chipped my way through them.  If I thought the wall balls were bad they were nothing on the double unders.  My shoulders were fried and my heartrate was already through the roof but again I chipped away but I went from being one of the first to finish pull ups to one of the last to finish the WOD.  I was so pleased that I finished it in just over 28 minutes (I thought it would take me well over 30 minutes to complete the workout).
It was such a hard WOD but the kind that I prefer.  I like workouts that have many different exercises that I only have to do once, I can manage to talk my way through each set and today I was so happy to not scale my reps for the double unders or wall balls.  I find 10 rounds of a doublet or triplet so much more mentally challenging.
Box Jump
Pull Ups
Wall Balls
Box Pike
Ring Row (injured mod)
Orange band
4 kg
10 kg

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