Thursday, January 08, 2015

Tired and Grumpy

I'm trying to be all zen about my training, I really am, despite going backwards in a few benchmark workouts as well as my strength work.  I know my back is still a bit tight and I know that I should go for a massage but time and money is an issue.  I continue to show up and I try to give my best effort each day and while I know that my best effort doesn't equal what I was doing a few months ago I'm still giving it my all but I still feel that twinge of disappointment.  My squat has dropped by 12.5 kg, my clean and jerk by 7.5 kg, deadlift 20 kg ... and that's just the movements I have tested.  Have I reached my potential?  Is this as good as I'm ever going to get?  If that's the case I will never achieve an RXD for a benchmark workout or in the upcoming Open.  Should I be content knowing that I'm getting a good workout everyday even though it's not RXD?  Should I be happy not showing progress?  Maybe I'm just a little fragile today and tomorrow will be a better day.
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