Monday, January 05, 2015

A Few Benchmark Workouts

First of all:

Crossfit Total

Not a great total.  I'm injured so nowhere near my best but I was happy just to be there lifting.

Date Squat Press Deadlift Total
20/09/2013 52.5 30 82.5 165
20/12/2013 57.5 32.5 92.5 182.5
55 32.5 100 187.5
18/12/2014 47.5 33.5 75 156

I was happy to get a PB on my strict press though.


Date Thrusters Box Jump SDHP KB Swings Time
22/12/2012 15 6 15 8 28:50:00
14/12/2013 15 16 15 8 24:07:00
20/12/2014 15 9 15 8 25:24:00

My time was slightly worse but maybe I just smashed it last time.  My box jumps were less but I was also holding onto the pole when I did the 16" so I'm not disappointed.


Date Muscle Up Muscle Up Time
22/12/2014 Pull ups Ring Dips 28:52:00

I can't remember the band options I used for this one and I can't see the notes for the app I use to log my scores, I think it was orange or purple band for both pull ups and dips.


Date Time
8/04/2013 12:00
8/07/2014 9:50
31/12/2014 10:15

Again, my score was worse but strangely enough I haven't beat myself up too much about it ... I'm not exactly on top of my game at the moment and the previous time I did Annie I actually got a PB for my double unders.  This workout is really dependent on whether my skipping is on or off.
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