Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Today we did a repeat of the Open WOD 14.4.  Last year I completed the 60 calorie row and got 22 of the 50 toes to bar done, today I had the choice of scaling and getting through more of the workout or going RXd and trying to beat my score.  I had already decided to try to beat my score, I think I would have regretted it if I didn't although I'm not sure how I would cope if my score was worse.

I remember the pain and the tears of last year, and, yes, there were plenty of tears as I struggled through the T2B.  I was no-repped a few times, my shoulders were sore and wanted to quit.  This year was a little different.  I still hated the row as I'm quite slow but I tried to find a pace and stuck with it.  As usual, I was the last off the rower.

The toes to bar were challenging.  I got a few out first up but soon went to just getting 2 reps out at  a time and before I knew it I went past my score from last year.  By the time I hit 40 I was doing it in singles and I finished with 48 reps.  That is an improvement of 26 reps ... more than double my previous T2B score!!!  I am so happy (although there is a little twinge of "why didn't I get 2 more reps and get to the wall balls").

Date Reps
24/03/2014 82
11/02/2015 108
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