Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Day Before

The Open WOD 15.1 gets announced tomorrow.  I'm meant to be doing it at 6:30 pm as I will be away this weekend (heading to Brissy with the girls to see Wicked).  I haven't trained since Monday and only trained once last week (on Monday).  I've been ordered by the physio to pick and choose my workouts, I'm not to do much lifting and not high volume lifting ... I haven't gone into the gym because everyday it's something I can't do whether it be snatches, thrusters or wall balls.  I go back to the physio today and I may be able to slowly ease back into it.  I'm not sure if doing an Open workout will be easing back into it but I guess we'll see what the WOD is and go from there.

The pain in my back seems to have travelled down and now it's the L5 and glutes that are playing up.  It is possible that this was the root of all my problems from the start.  Every therapist (and I've seen a couple of massage therapists over the last couple of months as well as the physio) have been treating the middle back as that was the tightest spot but it was compensating for further down.  Now that that part has been fixed the real issue has presented itself.  The break has been good for it.  I have been walking and doing all my mobility work and glute activation stuff Tia has given me and it does feel better but not 100%.  I hope I can do the workout tomorrow.
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