Monday, March 09, 2015


We had a throwdown yesterday for 15.2.  I initially wasn't going to do it but my name was put down by the coaches so I figured I may as well get it out of the way and at least by doing it in the afternoon I would be able to get a lot more mobility done.

I was incredibly nervous about doing the squat and I was worried that it was going to set me back, my recovery has been going well.  I warmed up and I wasn't feeling confident with the weight but I felt like it was too late to back out and I didn't want to let my teammates down (we have a little in-house competition going).

Once the workout started I managed to get a few squats out and then it went to shit.  I was in a bit of pain and I just couldn't get my final reps out ... and then I burst into tears.  I couldn't do it, it was hurting way too much.  I picked the weight up and got through the reps.  In the dying seconds I got the 6 pull ups out of the way.  12 reps, I was so disappointed.  I know that I did what I could but I'm frustrated that I can't do what I want to be able to do.

The worst part is that straight afterwards I was in a LOT of pain, even now I can barely get up from a seated position.  In hindsight it was pretty stupid to have done the workout at all.  I'm also thinking that after the Open I may cancel my membership for a little while and just give my body a break.
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