Thursday, March 05, 2015

RX'd or Scaled?

The Open this year has a scaled division which is fantastic for those of us who don't have some movements like muscle ups, handstand push ups etc.  My goal for the Open is to attempt RX'd until I can't do a movement and have to scale.  The scoring system is set up so RX'd will always be ranked higher than scaled; even if you only do 1 rep.  My 25 reps on Saturday ensured that I was above anyone doing the Open scaled and it has been quitegood for my overall ranking as a lot of people have decided to do scaled instead of attempting RX'd.

The thing I love about the Open is that I do movements that I don't normally do in a workout and toes to bar is one of them.  I was proud of doing 45 of them and all good reps, I didn't get 1 no-rep which is a vast improvement on last year.  I didn't do the WOD with the rest of the class so I don't know what the discussion were on the Monday when everyone else did the workout but I noticed the majority of the people who are around my level scaled the workout and a lot of them are capable of doing toes to bar so, like me, they would be able to register a score at RX'd.  They got massive numbers which is great but it kind of feels like it is just another workout, that they weren't pushed outside their comfort zone to attempt to achieve something they didn't believe they could.

Now I'm confused.  Which is better; to scale and get great numbers or to RX'd, get a low score but see what you are capable of (even if that means failing dismally)?  As I wasn't in the classes I can only assume that they were instructed to scale or did they make that choice themselves?  Will I be advised to scale in the future?
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