Friday, February 05, 2016

Well, This Happened!

I was not going to get another dog.  I had so many reasons: I don't have time, it's a pain when we want to go away, the expense of vet bills, food etc.

Even though I was adamant I wasn't going to get a dog, I continued to follow the RSPCA page and the Pet Classifieds on FB.  Everytime a puppy picture was shared my heartstrings got a little tug but I knew the kind of dog that I didn't want.  I'm not a fan of small dogs and I didn't want a working breed again.  The dog had to be able to get along with children and most importantly, my cat.  And then they posted a photo of a bandog for adoption.  I fooled myself into thinking that I would just go and meet her and be totally cool and not fall in love straight away.

A week later, on Christmas Eve, we finally adopted our Maisie.

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